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About us
Tinhdonphuong.com was born in July 1999.  It is one of the largest growing Asian Entertainment Network online, specifically Vietnamese.  Our crusade is to try to give all the web surfers out there a chance to enjoy, to relax themselves after a hard day working.  We all know that we work hard every day.  We hope you would help us to make Tinhdonphuong.com Entertainment Network to grow bigger and bigger every single day.

Because of our recent booming popularity among all the web surfers, especially Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, and others, our bandwidth has grown tremendously.   Tinhdonphuong.com Entertainment Network is not into this business to make money, we're actually a non-profit organization, unfortunately, somebody's going to have to pay for the bandwidth, which cost about 500 USD a month, we have no choice, but to put a few banners up, just to cover these fees. 

Also we courage any companies out there that are interested in advertising at Tinhdonphuong.com.  We only charge a reasonable price. 

Site Usage
Tinhdonphuong.com Entertainment Network understands that our site may contain materials which might be inappropriate for young people, that's why we encourage parents, or guardians to use
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You are responsible to peruse these messages, and understand it.  All the materials in Tinhdonphuong.com Entertainment Network do not infringe any copyrights. 

All the staffs at Tinhdonphuong.com Entertainment Network wish that you have a pleasant stay, and we hope that you would come back soon.

Sincerely Yours,

Danny Huynh

Contact Information
Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding about any inquiries, we love to hear your comments so that we can better improve this site. 

Email: DannyLHuynh@hotmail.com


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